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You can contact Orange Tree Golf Club in the following ways:

By Mail: 

Orange Tree Golf Club, 7540 Woodgreen Drive, Orlando, FL 32819


By Phone: 

You can access all departments through our Main line: (407) 351-4034,  listen for the prompts.


Or you may call directly:

Office: (407) 351-4034

Pro Shop: (407) 351-2521

Membership: (407) 352-4034

Restaurant: (407) 351-4041

By Email:

George Wyckhuyse, General Manager:

David Damesworth in Pro Shop:

Shannon Wisne Helton in Membership/Marketing:

Rob Torri, Superintendent:

Chef Pete Madden in Food & Beverage:

Mary Ezra in Events:


Message Us!

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