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Golf events are held throughout the year and include important tournaments such as the Club Championships and the Member Guest as well as less formal events such as the Scratch Game. Golf events at Orange Tree Golf Club enable members of all abilities to experience the thrill of playing golf competitively in a familiar, friendly, and relaxed environment.

The Scratch Game

The Scratch Game is an Orange Tree institution.

The Scratch Game began early in 1978, when a few good players at the club wanted to play team against team, and play from scratch. We wanted to create a game that was full of competition and excitement and one that we could play an ongoing basis.

The original Scratch Game was played on Wednesday and Friday at 1:00 pm. Due to popular demand, the Saturday game was added several months later.

The game is great for young and old alike, the working guy, retired people and for professionals of any status. We have had some notable players, both amateur and professional, competing over the years, and many return to play with us when they are in town. John Daly was regular during his Space Coast days and we enjoyed having him. We are fortunate and delighted to have PGA Tour Officials Jon Brendle and Mark Russell in the game.

The game is administered by a five man committee, elected each year, whose job it is to make sure that the game is fair, run by the Scratch Game tiles in place, and that play is in accordance with the USGA rules and regulations. The ball is played down winter and summer... naturally!

If you are a new member, an old member, or a prospective member, you are welcome to play in the game. In the old days it was said that if you could get through the Pro shop you could play in the game. It's still true.

See you on the first tee!

Call the Pro shop by 12:15pm on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday to be included in the game. We pick teams at 12:30pm and shot gun at 1:00pm. Coulda, shoulda and woulda's begin at 5:00pm with cocktails.

More information on the Scratch Game can be found on the Scratch Game's website.

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